How to Start a Poultry Farm Business

Chicken broiler production is one of the most progressive animal enterprises in the Philippines today.

The poultry industry began as a backyard enterprise but has shifted to the formation of very large integrated contract farming operations.

This post will guide you on how to start your own poultry farm business.



II. Selection of Stock to Raise

• Stock should be purchased from a reliable hatchery or dealer where the parent stocks are well housed and well managed.

• Select/buy only healthy chicks (i.e. dry, fluffy feathers, bright eyes, and alert and active appearance; free from diseases, and abnormalities; chicks should have uniform size and color; and in the case of broiler chicks, it should be less than 33 g. at day- old)

• Choose those that have high livability and are fast growers.

III. Rearing of the Day-Old Chicks

• Provide sufficient artificial heat to keep day-old chicks warm during the day and night. Avoid abrupt changes in brooder temperature during the first two weeks of life.

• Provide adequate space for chicks as they grow. Overcrowding is one of the factors affecting poor growth. Good ventilation also helps avoid future respiratory diseases. Also, provide a good light source as a well-lighted brooder encourages chicks to start feeding.

• Provide the chicks with good quality feeds either home grown or commercially sourced. Feed the chicks intermittently rather than continuously. Research studies have shown that chicks utilize nutrients better when using intermittent feeding. Do not allow feed troughs to go empty for more than 1-2 hours.

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